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ArkStar Kidz Club is a registered private, non-profit organization, youth equestrian sport and education charity serving the youth, ages 4-25, in South Africa. The focus of the program is to promote youth equestrian sport participation, promote healthy development in youth, and increase youth access to equine career qualifications.

Our Mission

It is our mission at ArkStar Kidz Club to develop the skills, discipline and strong character necessary for equestrian athletes to reach their highest level of personal growth and achievement while emphasizing a strong commitment to education and the sport of horsemanship. We are committed to helping equestrian athletes reach their greatest potential by providing intensive instruction and opportunities to compete at a higher level where discipline, teamwork and good sportsmanship are expected. The strength and profession- alism of our team, as well as the support of our donors will help these young athletes reach their potential in all aspects of their lives.

We are committed to providing training and development programs, specializing in the Equestrian field. Our goal is to make sure that we help the youth of South Africa to be the best that they can be, both on and off the horse. We help shape the future of these young lives by offering them opportunities to compete nationally and attain international qualifications within the Equine industry.

Our Vision

Connecting People and Horses.

Educating the youth through skills development and career course.

To Enable and Empower the youth of South Africa to compete nationally as athletes in the Equestrian Sport.

Keys to success

Utilizing the school system to promote the equestrian sports program and recruiting learners to participate. Minimize costs that burden parents for competition and education fees and providing full funding for chil- dren who cannot afford the financial burden as well as disadvantaged youth.

Recruiting corporate and government partnerships in order to support the development of the equestrian sport and expose the equine career opportunities globally.

Maintaining support to provide scholarship funds for youth in financial need who want to participate in the equestrian sport and pursue a career in the equine field. 


Mike King


Diane Lutge


We believe children from all walks of life must have the opportunity for a successful start in education and sport regardless of age, race, gender, family composition, income or community. In response to this significant disparity, ArkStar Kidz Club was founded by Mike Zwane, Taneil Arkner and Diane Lutge to provide the assistance necessary for South African children to have equal opportunity for competition within the eques- trian sport and career paths since they found this area extremely lacking support. You can help ArkStar Kidz Club is to create an opportunity for our youth to learn, grow and participate in equestrian sport in South Africa increasing both sport participation rates and healthy development of our countries youth as well as career options for their future by donating to the cause or shopping from our online store partner New Era.

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By sponsoring an athlete or horse, you not only make a difference in someone’s life – you ensure the horses wellbeing and have the opportunity to gain brand exposure for your organisation. 


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